Recreation Area Information

The Recreation Area is open 7 days a week during daylight hours; it consists of the Pool & Splash Pad Area, restroom facilities, tennis courts, and pavilion (picnic/shelter/grilling) area.

The Recreation Area pavilion may be used by any VOLHA resident in good standing with the Board of Trustees; residents with an unpaid account balance are prohibited from using the Recreation Area pavilion.

If a resident would like to use any section of the Recreation Area for a small party, it will be used on a “first come, first served” basis. The grassy area can be used for temporary volleyball/badminton/whiffle ball games or any other “yard” games. No golf, baseball, rocket launching or any other long-distance type sports are permitted due to the proximity of residences to the Recreation Area.

The tennis courts are for tennis use only. The use of bicycles, skates, skateboards, scooters or any other type of wheeled vehicle is strictly prohibited on the courts.

No glass bottles or glass objects are permitted at the pavilion, tennis court or pool/splash pad areas. This ensures no shards of broken glass preventing future family use of these areas.

All parties must be terminated and cleaned up completely by dusk each day. All garbage must be taken with you (not placed in the garbage cans behind the poolhouse) and please ensure that any Recreation Area facilities you use are cleaned up before you leave.

If you notice any vandalism occurring at the pavilion or any other Recreation Area facilities, please call the Olmsted Township police by dialing 911 IMMEDIATELY. The Recreation Area has been vandalized on multiple occasions and your neighborhood watch is helpful in preventing further damage and costly repairs.

The Recreation Area closes at dusk. 

No overnight parking is permitted in the Recreation Area parking lot.