Goals & Projects

2015 Goals

Collection of all 375 homeowners association dues
Management of association finances
Continue managing and growing interest on all reserve accounts / 3 CD’s
Lawn cutting, mulch, and maintenance of association green space and facilities
Pond maintenance and algae control
Pool/Splash Pad lifeguard management for the summer
Organization of the annual “clean-up day” (Saturday May 16, 2015 — 9:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. — meet at the Recreation Area shelter. The “rain out” make-up date would be Saturday May 23, 2015)
Replacement of pool umbrellas as needed, additional umbrellas needed for 2015 (3+)
Pond clean-up during the “clean-up day” activities
Broken sign replacement / repair as needed (currently 1)
Replacement of one door and casing on the poolhouse (vandalism)
Website updates using a volunteer resident / website expert

2015 Projects

Reseal or repave the recreation area parking lot (original is pre-1990)
Dog dropping management station near the recreation area entrance
Painting of the pool house bathrooms

Future Projects Considered For 2015 and Beyond

New security cameras installed around the pool, tennis courts and recreation area
A new playground /swings / climber for residents
Addition of power boxes at the front entrance
Addition of two aerators / fountains for the front ponds (run on a timer / seasonally)
Additional bench seating along the two front ponds (3-6)
Other ideas? PLEASE LET US KNOW!