Landscape Information

Grass cutting and other landscaping services have been contracted with Z and Z Lawn Care Inc. who takes care of all Villages of Lakeside green space and recreation area – approximately 9 acres of land spread over 38 separate parcels.

Additionally, Z and Z Lawn Care plants flowers throughout the association and maintains the shrubs, trees and other greenery and also installs and maintains all mulch. They weed-whack around approximately 600 poles, trees, and fence posts each week and also around pond edges to help keep our association looking professional and well manicured.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the landscape or grass cutting, please call the association voicemail and leave a message for the Board of Trustees or email the Board of Trustees.

Please pick up any trash or debris along our grounds or streets to beautify the development and to assist Z and Z Lawn Care team members as they do a great job for us.