FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How do I make suggestions about what should or needs to be done?
Q: I’d like to lead a project or two. Who should I contact?
A: See the “Volunteering” page or call the association voicemail and leave a message for the Board of Trustees or email the Board of Trustees.


Q: What if I cannot pay my dues on time because I am having a financial crisis?
A: Call the association voicemail and leave a message for the Board of Trustees or email the Board of Trustees to see if you qualify for a payment plan.


Q: I am a realtor or title agency; a house is being sold in The Villages of Lakeside and I have a form that needs to be filled out by the Board of Trustees. How can I accomplish this?
A: Mail any forms to VOLHA, P.O. Box 726, North Olmsted, OH 44070 or call the association voicemail. You will receive a return call and sending instructions will be given.


Q: What are the requirements/limitations for decks, sheds, fencing, patios and pools? How do I request approval?
A: See the Property Add-Ons page.


Q: When does the pool and splash pad area open for the season and what hours are they open?
A: See the Pool & Splash Pad Information page.


Q: I understand that wristbands are required to use the pool. How do I get wristbands?
A: Wristbands are available to all homeowners that have no unpaid balance on their accounts. Wristband request instructions are sent to all homeowners in April or early May of each year. If you move in after the pool season begins, please send a self addressed & stamped return envelope to the VOLHA address. Include a letter stating your name, address, number of people in the household and their ages. Wristbands will be sent to you in the stamped envelope you provided. See the Pool & Splash Pad Information page.


Q: Who is responsible for snow plowing?
A: Our streets are maintained by Olmsted Township, so any concerns should be addressed to the Olmsted Township Service Department.


Q: I have a boat, recreational vehicle or “project” car. Can I store it in my driveway, backyard or along the side of my house?
A: All boats, recreational vehicles and non-running/non-licensed cars must be stored inside your garage or off-site of your property. Boats and recreational vehicles can be stored for up to 48 hours in order to allow spring clean-up or winter storage preparation. Seasonal storage or any storage beyond 48 hours in any given month is strictly prohibited. All vehicles stored in your driveway must be running and state registered. No parking of vehicles in your yard or grass is permitted. No overnight street parking is permitted in Olmsted Township.


Q: I have seen people loitering around the Recreation Area in the evenings or I have seen cars parked there after dark. I’m concerned; what should I do?
A: The recreation area is closed at dusk; no one should be there at that time. Please call the Olmsted Township Police and simply ask them to inquire. They generally respond quickly and this will greatly reduce vandalism and other issues in the Recreation Area. No overnight parking is permitted in the Recreation Area parking lot.


Q: I have seen people fishing in the ponds within our association. Are fishing and recreational use of the ponds permitted?
A: The ponds within the association are retention basins and are required by design. Catch and release fishing and use of remote control boats along the green space by our association residents (children must be accompanied by an adult) is permitted during daylight hours, but swimming and boating are strictly prohibited. As a courtesy, don’t fish in resident backyards, and clean up all your trash and bait containers before you leave. Playing and loitering around pond drain areas are also strictly prohibited. Any loss or damage as a result is not the responsibility of VOLHA or Board of Trustee members.


Q: We have ponds throughout the association; can we use these for ice skating or ice fishing in the winter?
A: No. Use of any of the ponds for any reason in the winter is strictly prohibited. Any loss or damage as a result of prohibited ice skating or ice fishing is not the responsibility of VOLHA or Board of Trustee members.


Q: I see the association has tennis courts. What are the rules for the use of these courts?
A: The tennis courts are for the use of our association residents and are available on a “first come, first served” basis. Time is restricted to one (1) hour if others are waiting for a court. No bikes, skateboards, roller blades or other wheeled vehicles of any type are permitted on the tennis courts. These courts are to be used for tennis only.


Q: I would like to use the Recreation Area shelter for a party or family gathering. How do I arrange the use of this area?
A: The shelter may be used by any association resident in good standing with the Board of Trustees who has no unpaid balance on their account. If you’d like to use it for a small party, it will be available on a “first come, first served” basis. The grassy area can be used for yard games or temporary volleyball/badminton/whiffle ball games. (No golf, baseball, rocket launching or other long distance-type sports will be permitted). All parties must be terminated and cleaned up completely by dark each day. All garbage must be taken with you and it must be left the way it was upon your arrival or in better condition than when you arrived.


Q: The ponds occasionally develop algae growth or “floating weeds” on them. Who takes care of these issues?
A: VOLHA contracts with a local business who maintains the ponds by applying herbicides and dye to the water. During hot, dry periods and periods of heavy rain, it is a constant effort to keep them looking their best. The Board of Trustees tries to balance aesthetics with cost. If you notice something that appears to be going unchecked, please call the association voicemail and leave a message for the Board of Trustees or email the Board of Trustees and we will make sure it is addressed.


Q: My neighbors and I would like to host a block party. Is this possible?
A: In many cases, yes. Call the association voicemail and leave a message for the Board of Trustees or email the Board of Trustees. Also, contact Olmsted Township to identify the restrictions on and limitations to social events.


Q: I am having issues with my neighbors – noise, a barking dog, unkempt yard, etc. What should I do?
A: First, act as a friendly neighbor. Try to resolve the issue with the homeowner in a reasonable and courteous manner. If a problem persists, you may want to contact the Olmsted Township Police to help resolve issues of disturbance of the peace, trespassing, or any other civil matters. For matters such as unkempt yards, unauthorized buildings, campers or boats parked for extended periods of time, etc., call the association voicemail and leave a message for the Board of Trustees or email the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees will intervene in matters of association regulations, but not in civil matters. If we all try to do the right thing, issues will be minimal.


Q: I’m selling my house, car, puppies or other items. What are the rules and regulations on signs in front of my house or around the association?
A: If you’re selling your house, one (1) sign up to 2′ x 3′ may be posted in front of the residence for sale. No signs or any type are permitted at the street corners or the development entrances. Signs attached to VOLHA street signs will be removed and a damage fee may be assessed to the sign homeowner. Any signs located on VOLHA green space or at the entrances will be promptly removed and destroyed.